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My New Manuscript

As I am still in the process of researching agents/publishing companies, I'm not going to give away too much about my manuscript, but I thought I could at least brag on it a little bit.

This is the second manuscript I have completed.  It is the first manuscript that I have edited three times over and allowed other people to read and critique.  These people include my family (of course), friends, strangers, and even my high school English teacher.  I have gotten a lot of constructive feedback, helpful advice, and words of encouragement, all of which I appreciate immensely.  

This idea is one that has evolved over the course of about four years.  I must have started trying to write it about five times before I finally found a formula, plot, and characters that really worked.  

There is one character in the manuscript that has been around since the very beginning.  He is the only one that never changed.  

The official word count is 78,631.  

A few years ago, when I was working on a different manuscript, I kept going back, reading it, and thinking that I didn't like it as much as I thought I did while I was writing it.  I liked the characters, but there was no real point to the story, no conflict, no direction, and that always bothered me.  However, I've gone back and read my new manuscript multiple times, and I am happy (and a little shocked) to discover I always like even more than I did while I was writing it.  

I have already begun writing the sequel to this manuscript.  In fact, I had the sequel planned out before I knew what was going to happen in the first one.  


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